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Representing clients in Evansville and throughout Southern Indiana, the attorneys of 

Blackard & Brinkmeyer are firmly committed to providing legal representation that meets the needs of our clients.  We are also committed to providing the most effective results.

Our commitment to justice and focus on success is clearly exemplified by our preparation and dedication to achieving results on behalf of our clients.

Criminal Law


If you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you deserve a strong and thorough advocate.

We have a history of obtaining favorable results for our clients and provide aggressive defense representation.


If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, the experience can certainly be intimidating and overwhelming.  The overall outcome can have a significant impact on your future.


We will work to keep you out of jail, minimize fines, and preserve your reputation.


Attorneys Dennis Brinkmeyer and Barry Blackard will aggressively defend your rights and provide you with a strategic defense.

Both attorneys have an established presence in the local court system, extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, criminal laws, prosecution and police procedures.


At Blackard & Brinkmeyer we have experience in all areas of State and Federal criminal law including:

  • Murder

  • Sex Crimes

  • Drug Dealing & Possession

  • Burglary

  • Robbery

  • Conspiracy

  • Firearm Related Offenses

  • Forgery, Fraud, & Theft

  • Domestic Battery

  • Habitual Offenders

  • Modifications & Expungements

  • Felony & Misdemeanor DUI

  • Other Misdemeanors

Family Law


For many, experiencing family legal matters, such as divorce, is emotionally traumatic and troublesome.

At Blackard & Brinkmeyer, we are fully committed to using our knowledge and skill to help you arrive at an ideal resolution as efficiently as possible. We embrace the idea that every family law problem is unique to the individuals involved and we acknowledge that every solution must also be unique.

Blackard & Brinkmeyer has developed a long history of working hard to minimize the complexity and uncertainty of your legal issues and provide each of our clients with an optimistic outcome for the future.  

Whether your legal issues involve divorce, child custody, child support or a property settlement, Attorneys Barry Blackard and Dennis Brinkmeyer are dedicated to minimizing conflicts for families and are determined to find the best possible solution for each client.

Through the process of divorce, business valuations, division of stocks and retirement accounts, custody evaluations, parental relocations or any other delicate family legal matters, Blackard & Brinkmeyer will guide you through your legal difficulties with expertise, sensitivity and compassion. Our firm believes that every client deserves plain talk and a straightforward explanation of their legal options.

At Blackard & Brinkmeyer we understand the stress that family law matters can bring into your life.

We have experience in all aspects of these cases including:

  • Divorce

  • Child Custody

  • Child Support Modifications

The attorneys of Blackard & Brinkmeyer maintain the client’s best interest while minimizing stress and ensuring that the legal process continues to move forward.


At Blackard & Brinkmeyer, we listen carefully to your problems, your concerns, and your hopes for the future.